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GSMK OverWatch: Protection against illegal IMSI catchers, 24/7 and area wide

GSMK OverWatch makes it possible to detect illegal eavesdropping installations, anytime and area wide.

For the first time, the chances are shifting in favor of the forces, which are protecting territories against illegal eavesdropping.

OverWatch can be spread across whole cities, or even countries. OverWatch is looking for illegal base stations, so-called IMSI catchers, constantly and area wide. If such illegal IMSI catchers are activated, OverWatch automatically triggers an alarm and allows for immediate triangulation and thus confiscation of the spy equipment.

GSMK OverWatch is the perfect and efficient solution for restoration communication security on the air interface.

The GSMK team is looking forward to your visit during GITEX!

Alternatively contact for information about GSMK OverWatch.

Exhibitor: GSMK mbH

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